Countdown to retirement.

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I finished all the paperwork for retirement last week and wrote the check for my military buyback. I am now just waiting for April 3rd to roll around. My retirement luncheon is going to be at the Szechuan Inn in Hampton. I will have to make a retirement speech so I have to think of something fitting to say. Just got back from a spaghetti dinner at church which was followed by a Keith Maddrey concert. Keith's band is a local Chesapeake band and they play great contemporary Christian music. I hope this last month of work before retirement doesn't seem like an eternity. I have lots of plans for retirement and cannot wait to put them into motion. I expect that a significant part of my retirement will be spent in expanded duties at church, which I am looking forward to doing. I also want to whip our yard into shape this summer and fix up my upstairs room where I expect to spend a lot of time.

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