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New toy in the mail

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I have been wanting an iRiver Clix 2 ever since I first read a review of it. It is an mp3 and video player, with built-in FM tuner and all the other features of a video iPod. I currently have an iPod mini 4 GB which I primarily use to play podcasts and Audible audio books. It does a great job for what I use it for but I wanted a color display and something that could play videos. The Clix 2 fits the bill perfectly. I am really excited about receiving the Clix 2. It is almost like when I used to order Estes model rockets when I was a kid. Anyway, here is a quick picture of the iRiver Clix 2 and some specifications copied from the iRiver web site. I will write a full report about it on my Wordpress blog once I have had a chance to fondle, I mean evaluate, it.


• Plays music, video, photos and more
• 4GB internal storage†
• Supports subscription music services*
• Ultra-bright, 2.2" AMOLED color display
• Built-in digital FM tuner
• Integrated voice recorder
• Up to 24 hours of battery life***
• Skip-free listening
• Fast USB 2.0 transfers
• 1 year limited warranty


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