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Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had dinner at Smithfield Station. Teresa's brothers Paul and Rodger along with their wives and kids joined us for dinner. The meal was excellent as was the view of the Pagan River at sunset. Today I am at work but it is going to be an easy day as most of the staff is off. Cox cable is coming by this afternoon to hook up a cable box so that we can get my HD programming to watch on our new 32" Samsung LCDTV. Our old TV as over 10 years old and it was time to step up to the digital age. Teresa is out shopping this morning along with all the other crazy shoppers on Black Friday. She wants to buy two recliners to put in the TV room. She has been redecorating the house and has painted the walls in the dining room and the living room. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend enjoying the new TV. I still have some Christmas shopping to do but most of it has already been done. Last weekend we went to the Christmas display at the old courthouse in downtown Portsmouth. The display used to be owned by Coleman's nursery but they sold the displays when they went out of business. I think I am in the Christmas spirit now, I hope I can remain there for a while.

Halloween and Fall

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We are finally starting to see some Fall weather. Last night the temperature dropped into the 30's and today was a beautiful, crisp Fall day. But the next two days are forecast to be in the lower 70's, still a little warm for me. Teresa has been sick the last couple of days and finally went to the doctor today. The doctor thinks she may have colitis or diverticulitis. She is scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow and she has an appointment with a gastroenterologist. She has been given some antibiotics and something to drink tonight before her CT scan. I think everything is going to be OK but I have been stressed out over it. Tomorrow at work we are having a chili contest with six of my co-workers bringing in their own deadly recipes. I just hope the Alka-Seltzer and the Tucks medicated pads are in supply to cover any aftereffects. Tomorrow is also Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. We don't celebrate it as much as we used to because we have no children in our neighborhood to trick or treat. But I have been enjoying the horror movie marathons on AMC and the SciFi channel.

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