It's Official

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I have been retired for three days now. Last Thursday, April 3rd, was my last day of work. I had a very nice retirement ceremony, complete with three plaques, a commemorative photo signed by everyone in my office, a commanders award for civil service from the Army, an American flag, and a retirement pin. Not bad for 28 years of service. We then had a nice luncheon at a local Chinese restaurant and I was on my way home to see what all this retirement stuff is about. To be honest being retired has not sunk in yet. It may take some time before it finally does. I do know that I will be staying busy as the three days since I have been retired have not been boring. So I am off to a good start and I hope I can make my retirement as exciting and rewarding as possible. I don't plan on wasting a minute of it, unless that is what I want to do. To the Golden Years !!!!!

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