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Momentous Events

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I don't know why I have not written lately, I guess I have been pretty busy with other things. I have finished with the cottage meetings at our house for the New Beginnings program for our church. I attended a weekend retreat to learn communication, team building, and problem solving skills. I have also been going to a Chiropractor this week to see if he can help with my neck popping and sore shoulder. I am still reserving judgment on the Chiropractor for now. But I guess by far the biggest thing to report is that I will be retiring from civil service after 28 years. I will retire on April 3rd from my job with the U.S. Army at Fort Monroe. The finances look pretty good and I got a $25,000 VSIP bonus with the retirement package. So after working full-time for 41 years I am joining the ranks of the retired. I am still pinching myself to see if it is all really happening. To further reinforce the reality of my pending retirement my boss of 3 years at TRADOC retired today after 31 years of federal service. We had a retirement ceremony for him and he actually choked up near the end and could not speak. I fear the same might happen to me when my turn comes. We have many plans for our joint retirement, foremost among them being moving from Virginia to either Texas, New Mexico, Kentucky, or Tennessee. After living my entire adult life in Virginia I am ready for new horizons. Much more to report soon.

Wild and Windy day.

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Yesterday was one of the strangest days for weather I have seen here in a long time. The wind was very strong all day and resulted in a lot of brush fires and other wind related damage. The winds were gusting to over 50 mph into the evening. Coupled with the very dry conditions of the area there were a number of serious brush fires. One of the biggest of the fires was in North Carolina just south of the VA/NC border. That fire was still burning today. Another fire was only a few miles from our house and the smoke from it closed the Monitor-Merrimac bridge tunnel numerous times as the smoke obscured the highway. I was able to find an overpass over the Interstate and got a real good look at the fire. Luckily the fire was out today as I travel the Monitor-Merrimac to get to and from work every day. After have temperatures in the 50's and 60's all February, this morning the low was about 23 degrees with a high of only 34 degrees. The rest of the week is forecast to be back in the 50's again. Who knows, with crazy weather like this I am still holding out for a big snow storm before Spring.

There is more crazy weather to report. Yesterday it was 78 degrees, 2 degrees short of a record high. The rest of February looks like it is going to have temperatures well above average. Looks like winter never came this year, we are going to go from Fall to Spring with no winter in between. I have been very busy at work and my spare time has been occupied with our New Beginnings cottage meetings at church. I have been hosting the meetings at our house. There is going to be a church retreat in a couple of weeks which I am going to attend. I went to one last year and it was a very rewarding experience. It looks like I will really be retiring this year and there may ever be some VSIP money ($25,000) available this time. The VSIP money would help a great deal with buying our new house wherever we decide to move. I have got to make Hungarian goulash tonight for our office specialty potluck dinner. Enough said.

I will be watching the Super Bowl today but I don't live and breathe Super Bowl. I won't watch any of the pre-game stuff and don't really care too much who wins, except I am always rooting for the underdog. At halftime I will probably switch the channel or read some more of my book. No matter who wins I won't care much one way or the other. On the other hand the upcoming decision about who will be the Democratic and Republican candidate for the next President has a great deal of my attention. I think it is critical that America elect a President who can best find a policy to effectively deal with the ongoing threat of Islamic fascism that is threatening our way of life and the whole world. The other issues such as the economy, immigration, health care, etc. are important but none of those threaten the very fabric of our society. So I will be following the candidates closely and I pray that when the time comes to vote that I and every other voter will vote their conscience and elect the right next President. Go Giants !!!!

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