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May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

It has been a great Memorial Day weekend. First, the weather has been spectacular. Three perfect summer days in a row. For this area that is a rare thing and to be treasured. Additionally we now have a new three burner gas grill. The grill is the best one I have ever owned. In addition to three burners there is a side burner for heating something in a pan. I almost forgot that it also has a hanging basket inside for toasting buns, etc. We also have a brand new above ground pool. This pool is much better than our old one. It is 24 ft in diameter and 52 in. deep. It has a seriously big pump so it should be able to handle cleaning our funky well water which we had to fill it with. So now I expect to spend most of my summer on the back deck grilling and chilling. We also have a new neighbor in the area. We have been spotting a fox in the evenings and sometimes during the day. I think there may be more than one. They are red and about the size of a small dog. They are not very shy and will stop and look you in the eye. The main game for them must be the many rabbits we have around.
Later this afternoon I am going to drive out to the National Cemetery in Hampton near where I work. I want to pay my respects to those who have fallen in defense of our country. I also want to take some photographs and the light in the late afternoon should be great for that. Tuesday is what the Army calls a training day and a lot of the military willl be on leave so I expect tomorrow to be a quiet one. I am really getting excited about my upcoming trip to Primm, Nevada and Nipton, California this July. The rocket challenge is going to be awesome and my explorations of the surrounding Mohave desert promise to be exciting. It is going to be a great summer.

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May 18, 2007

Long time no write

About time I wrote something here. After all I have had a lot going on lately. I have been in a gadget buying frenzy the last week or so. I have bought a new DVD-RW drive, a 320 GB Sata drive, and 2 GB of memory for Teresa's (and my) new Dell. I was just not satisfied with the computer as it was, I needed MORE power. Well everything is installed except for the memory which I hope will be delivered today. I have also received my new Panasonic camcorder which I have been using to madly record everything around me. I reall love the new camcorder, it is even better that I expected it to be.

I have made all the arrangements for my trip to Primm, Nevada in July. I have the airplane tickets and reservations made at Wiskey Petes in Primm and the Hotel Nipton in Nipton, CA. I plan on spending my last two day staying in Nipton so that I can explore the Mohave Desert. It seems just watching large, dangerous rockets is not enough for me. We have had more gloomy weather which has prevented me from hiking to Lake Drummond in the Great Dismal Swamp as planned last week but the weather forecast for this weekend looks promising. I will be taking my new camcorder with me so expect to see some video and pictures of my mini vacation. Than't all folks. 


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May 5, 2007

Gloomy Weather

The weather for the first week of May has been pretty gloomy here. Today has been cool and overcast and Sunday is supposed to be very windy with winds averaging 35 mph with gusts to 50. I was going to put a truckload of mulch down but I don't know if I should with the winds so high. Most of it might end up in the neighbors yard. Teresa has been working very hard in the yard planting shrubs and flowers and I have been very busy mowing and weeding. Teresa has decided she wants the gumball trees in the backyard gone so today a crew came over and cut them down. We plan on landscaping back there and planting many bushes, ground cover and planting some trees. So I hope in the end it will much prettier than it is now. My only concern is that I know that area of the yard was home to a lot of rabbits and some red fox and I hope that they will only be out of a home for a short while. It is going to take a lot of time and a lot of money to make it look like we want but since Teresa is retired now, at least she will have the time to do the work.
Teresa also wants to improve our deck and put in a nice aboveground pool. I don't think that is such a great idea as we plan on moving within three years but it is her house so she gets to do what she wants. But when we move to Texas or New Mexico it will be my house and I will get to do what I want to do. I took Max for a walk to the Great Dismal Swamp today and he had a great time. I saw signs of a black bear and there were a lot of turtles sunning themselves. Work has been busy and the webmaster for our command, Ron Campbell, will be TDY for two weeks to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. That means that I will be doing his job for those two weeks. Did I mention that I am also the backup Information Security Officer and the backup Information Management Officer for our command? So I expect the next two weeks to be pretty busy. When I am not working I have been staying busy with my blogs and reading. I have about 7 books in my backlog so I am never seen without a book in my hand. My next book is going to be a graphic novel titled: "Alice in Sunderland" I am looking forward to reading the book as it had very favorable reviews. That is it for now. Stayed tuned for the next exciting posting.

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