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June 26, 2006

Back from Vacation

Just got back from our vacation to Chincoteague Island. It was Teresa's first visit and she fell in love with the place. In fact she is on the Internet right now looking at real estate there. We were caught in some violent thunderstorms just as we approached the island and had to stop for over an hour. It was the worst storm I have ever experienced. Upon return home today I learned that the storms were part of the worst flooding that Washington DC, Maryland and Deleware had experienced in several years. The streets of Chincoteague were flooded when we finally made it into town. But the weather on Saturday and Sunday was great and we took advantage of it to go to the beach at Assateague, see the ponies in Chincoteague Wildlife refuge, take a pontoon boat ride around the island, and enjoy our stay at the Watson House B&B. When I get a chance I will provide more details of our vacation. For now enjoy this photo of dusk settling over the island.


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June 20, 2006

Vacation Approaches

Only 2 more work days before our vacation to Chincoteague begins. I made arrangements to have Shakespeare boarded and I have a reservation for a car with Enterprise. I want to travel in style and my old Ford pickup doesn't quite do it for me. The only thing I can't plan is the weather but no matter the weather we are going to have a great time. My son Jason came over Saturday and took me out to lunch for Fathers Day. I wish I could spend more time with him but he is a grown man now. My mother is doing well, although she complains about the place she is living in now. She will not be happy on that score untils she comes and lives with one of the family. The only problem is that no one is home during the day to take care of her and she needs care. So for now where she is will have to do. We took Kirk down to his Grandparents in North Carolina where he will stay for two weeks. So it is unusually quiet here for a change. I am going to enjoy it while I can. I have been busy looking at property to buy in New Mexico for when we retire there, even thought retirement is still 3 years away. I am really looking forward to retirement and leaving this area. A new home and a new part of the country to explore and discover is just what the doctor ordered.

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June 8, 2006

Catch All

Just a quick post on a couple of topics. First, I have been tweaking the CSS for this blog. I am still trying to get it to look like I want it to. I probably won't ever be completely satisfied with the way it looks. I also just purchased a smart card reader for my home PC. We use a CAC card at work to log on to our computers and to access a number of Army web site. I work with the Army Knowledge Online portal a lot and it requires CAC log on for most areas. So I bought and installed a GemPlus USB smart card reader and installed the Army ActiveCard software. So now I am logging in to AKO from home with my CAC card. Pretty cool, huh? Last but not least is our upcoming vacation in Chincoteague, Virginia. Chincoteague is a beautiful National Wildlife Refuge on the eastern shore of Virginia. There are also miles and miles of beach to sun on. We will be spending 4 days there staying at the Watson House B&B. We plan on doing a lot of shopping, eating, swimming, hiking, and boat touring while we are there. There is a thunderstorm brewing outside right now so that's it for now.

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