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March 25, 2006

I'm Back

It has been a busy week again. I have finished the foundation for my vegetable garden. I made a single 15 ft. by 3 ft. plot with a loose soil depth of about 12 inches. I still plan on adding some more top soil and manure before I start planting. The weather is still too cold to start planting as the nighttime lows are still in the low to mid thirties. I have bought the seeds to plant tomatoes, beets, squash, and cucumbers. I will probably lay another 15 ft. by 3 ft. bed next to the existing one. I want to be able to plant some beans and maybe some lettuce. On another note, I bought a new backpack, one man tent, and a sleeping bag. I want to do some backpacking and I really didn't have any good equipment. I spent more than I would care to disclose but the gear is very good and very lightweight. At my age, I want to be carrying as little weight as possible. So between scuba diving, backpacking, and gardening, I think I will have an enjoyable and busy summer and fall. Now if the weather would just improve so I can start doing all this. One more thing I want to mention is that I will be going to Las Vegas for 4 days the first of April for a Gartner Group Summit on Portals and Collaboration. My employer, the U.S. Army is sending me. The Army rocks. I went to Las Vegas last year on vacation and I loved it, but I never thought I would be going back again. I just hope I have enough time to see Freemont Street and maybe Red Rock Canyon again.

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March 11, 2006

Spring is in the air

It has been a very busy week. Last Saturday I picked up my dive equipment and went to the local pool with my instructor to test out my equipment. I had my regulator rebuilt and it worked well. All the rest of my gear was in good working order. It felt really good to be back in my dive gear and in the water. I cannot wait for my next real dive, probably at the quarry in Rawlings. This Saturday, I was busy doing outside work. The weather was beautiful today with warm temperatures and sunny sky. I went to Home Depot and bought a new lawn mower. My old one was a piece of junk so I had to buy a new mower. The new mower is a Toro with a 6.5 horsepower motor, front wheel drive, and a recycler and grass bag. I mowed the back yard and it did a great job. I also bought some more flower seeds to plant, along with some new garden tools, top soil, and cow manure for my garden. I transplanted the flowers that I had been growing indoors to my flower bed outside and added the flower seeds I had bought.

Tomorrow I will determine the best place in the back yard to put my vegetable garden. I am planning on a single 15 ft. by 3 ft. row that will be raised and have a depth of about 18 inches. The gardening book I bought said that wide, deep rows were the best way to garden. I will have to remove the sod, add the manure, and loosen the soil to a depth of 18 inches. I will wait until next week to start the actual planting. Between gardening and scuba diving this summer, I expect to stay busy.  

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