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August 31, 2005

Not so crappy day?

In response to a recent comment, I will try to make this entry not so crappy. But that may be hard to do. I have had a nasty cold the last two days and the disaster in the Gulf states has got me depressed. Oh, I am looking forward to $3.00 a gallon gas and my mother has to go to the hospital tomorrow. But on the bright side, I love my new job, we are going to Italy in December, and I have the best son a Dad could ever hope for. How is that..

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August 23, 2005

What a crappy day

Well, what started out as a pretty good day ended up in the toilet. I felt like hell yesterday but today when I got up I felt pretty good. Work went well and I left early as I had an appointment with Cox Cable about problems with my Internet access. When I got home I found that my wonderful dog Shakespeare had torn the house up again. He had shredded my good bible (the second one) all over the house as well as a pair of Teresa's shoes. On top of that, I can't get the Hoover to vaccum any more so I tossed it into the yard. Then the phone would not work so I could not answer when Cox called to make sure I was home. Oh, and the broom broke when I was trying to sweep up the mess my dog had made. So I am still waiting for the Cox man to show up, it is raining like hell and my blood pressure is probably through the roof. All in all a pretty swell day. I am afraid what might happen next. Stay tuned.....

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August 18, 2005

Back from TDY

I got back from my trip to Ft. Leonard Wood today. The trip was everything I thought it would be.

The post at Ft. Leonard Wood was impressive. It was much better than any Navy base I have ever seen. The Manuever Support Center that we visited was like a major college campus. The main building housed the Engineers, Military Police, and Chemical Corps schools. The facility was state of the art and the interior was beautiful. The halls had many display cases highlighting each schools history. It reminded me of a museum in many ways. The staff was very friendly and extremely talented and professional. We were able to visit each school and see some of the classes in action. As I said before, I was very impressed. I will write more about the trip soon. On the last night, we drove back to St. Louis and stayed in a hotel near the airport. We drove into downtown St. Louis and walked around the river district and visited the arch. There is a beautiful museum below the arch that chronicles the Lewis and Clarke expedition and the expansion west. The trip to the top of the 630 ft. arch was exciting and the view was spectacular. More on that later also.

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August 14, 2005

Hampton Power Boat Regatta

This is what the hydroplanes looked like that competed in the 11th Annual Hampton Power Boat Regatta.

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Sunday Evening

Been a really hot and humid weekend. Stayed in most of the weekend. I did get out Saturday morning and evening to mow the yard. My riding mower is broken so I have been using my gas-powered push mower. Hot, sweaty work, maybe I will lose a pound or two if I don't have a heat stroke. Teresa and I went to Driver saturday to buy an iron fence gate for the rental house. I took a few pictures of this classic Ford coupe that was parked there. I sure wish they made cars like that again. Check out my photo gallery (Regatta Album) and see for yourself. The Friday before the weekend I took a zillion photos of the 11th Annual Hampton Power Boat Regatta running at Ft. Monroe. I know the event director so I was able to get a pit pass to get up close and personal with the boats. Again, check out the photo gallery. One last note, I will be TDY to Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri for 4 days next week, so I won't be posting anything until Friday. I am looking forward to going on the trip and seeing the Army in action. It has been 33 years since I was in the Army and things sure have changed since then.

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August 7, 2005

Portal upgrades

I have been busy this weekend updating my DotNetNuke portal. I have added three new applications/modules. The first module was a core discussion module. I hope to use this module for the Tefft family to keep in touch online. The second module was another core module, the who's online module. This module is primarily for me to see who is online at any given moment. The third, an application, is a COT chat program. I am running the 30 day trial of Zbit's Chat application. It runs on a MS Acces database and is a pretty sophisticated chat program. All in all, I am happy with the progress on my portal. Now I just need to get people to start using it. I also need to do more work on my Mambo portal.

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August 3, 2005

Short note

I found out that my trip to Fort Leonard Wood will be from Monday - Thursday 15-18th of August. I am looking forward to going with Major O'brien. It is a very large Fort in the middle of the Ozarks so the scenery should be beautiful. Plus, I hope to learn about how the Army does things and the software they use for their Learning Centers. BTW, the Fort is nicknamed Fort Lost in the Woods due to its remote nature.

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